Paella for a Rainy Weekend

We made this Paella without any seafood (unfortunate, i know but we had a restriction on the number of ingredients we could add). I 'settled' for

Spanish Cuisine. Oh my. Can't wait to do Spain myself. 

Each dish could only contain 5 ingredients. Firstly, half-cook the sliced chorizo (we used Hungarian chorizo this time, but use whatever you can get). Throw some chopped onions and Aborio rice into the hot pan. Brown the rice then add vegetable stock and green peas.

Don't stir the dish once you've added the rice (You want the rice to go crispy around the edges i.e. the BEST bit)
Don't caramelise the onions (it will be too sweet). 
This recipe is so easy, if i can do this, then anyone can. 

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