Ksubi Tiga's

The pair of sunglasses (mind you, from last season) that I would love to get my paws on. Rarrr!

Pink Ladies in Greece

Just as you'd imagine greece to be during mardi gras? It is beautiful.

Blushing ambition

This look amazingly tasty and edible. Next on the agenda is to buy a grill... George Forman?


Eva is.

I don't really like to post photos of celebrities (especially paparazzi shots) but these are near recent photos of one miss Eva Mendes on a recent holiday. Eva says her favorite place to go on holiday is the Amalfi Coast. I'm sure we'll agree. 


A day by the river

We spent the day by the river, just grabbing the bit of sun that Sydney decided to give out. Teaming floral and a Rivera hat?  An fresh take on two summer classics. 

Summer & Surf

This is my good friend Elle. She's super cute and from Melbourne, however somehow epitomises the newcastle surfer girl like no one else can. Blonde hair and perfect amount of melanin.

Notting Hill Rd

Just like the movie, the house with the blue door... combined with stripy awesomeness. Happy holidays everyone.


Hannelli walking the streets of Italy

Wearing a self constructed turban (a scarf she bought from Zara) and keeping the rest of the wardrobe light. Italy in Summer? 


Written on the wall.

These are some shots of graffiti I've seen around the world. I really do think it can be a superior artwork because It sounds us and is about that site. Its expression. My favorite graffiti shots are the ones from israel where passion runs high. If you have any of your own, please send them to us. Check out Banksy blogspot for more goodness.