Life drawing.

Tonight, I attended a life drawing session as an 'artist'. This activity was for research purposes. You see, a few weeks ago, whilst visiting my local art supplier (as you do?), I was casually offered a job as a life model. Yep. So just clarifying, this would involve me getting my kit off and posing for a couple of hours... naked (ahem, sorry i mean 'nude'). 

Reasons to do it; 
Earning upwards of $90 for a 2 hours session, a prospectively exciting part time job, providing a service to the art community... Did i mention the money?
Reasons not to.
The high level of exposure, the scrutiny and judgement, the constant need for exfoliation and precision fake tan application, potentially having my own crowd of perverted onlookers studying my body. 

After two weeks I still remain undecided. And so. My question to you readers.

 Would YOU be a life model. Why or why not? 

Based on your answers, i'll make my decision. I appreciate the help. Keep reading to find out. 


  1. Firstly! yes, i think i would do it. If you don't know anyone taking the class, what do you have to loose. Oh but i do think its brilliantly funny.

    secondly, is that a drawing of you??

  2. hahaha.

    Firstly. what do i have to loose. maybe my dignity and a stack load of confidence.

    Secondly. No, thats actually one of the drawing I did tonight. sneaky me.

  3. Nice drawing really like it! I vote go for it you might be surprised and actually enjoy it! Cannot think of an easier way to earn money then sitting still doing nothing.... Naked

  4. love the life drawing, very reminiscent of early bret whitely sketches! as for the modelling part, do it once! what do you have to loose? while yea you may be under scrutiny, it also could be a huge ego boost and good for the soul! you could be the next mona lisa, just naked!

    (and if its too weird you dont need to go back, im sure they have many models who just come once)

  5. The human body is a work of art in itself, but through the hand of an artist it can become magical. Take a only live once!

  6. the drawing is amazing.

    I dont see why you shouldnt do it. we all know what a human body looks like but just dont dare exposing it as much because of what society has put in our head.

    You should definitely take this chance.I think you will only gain experience and confidence from it.

    also thank you for visiting my blog! :) x

  7. Honestly I say NO. And its not because of the whole being naked part. I guess if you don't know any one in the class, it doesn't really matter. I have no issue with running around naked and neither should you. But in my figure drawing classes I always feel so bad for our models. They are always in awkward positions that they have to stay in for an hour at a time. I guess the uncomfortable body cramps would just not be worth it to me and I just don't think I would enjoy sitting still for such a long period of time. I'd rather be the one drawing.

  8. I think im going to do it. I think i have to. Im far to curious about it now.
    Well when i do, i'll take a photo of a drawing someone does of me and post it up. that will be interesting