“How many cares one loses when one decides not to be something but to be someone.”

Here is a profound idea that took me more than twenty years to figure out. 
The minute you stop trying to be cool, stop trying to be alternative, stop trying to be different.... you may come to realise that you are already different, alternative and perhaps even a bit cool. As I am in a foolishly truthful mood, here are some of my confessions about certain 'non-truths' I often tell (just to get the ball rolling):

I pretend my favorite movies are Pulp Fiction and Shawshank Redemption. They really aren't. In fact, I recommend violent and tragic movies so that no one will ever find out that I am a hopeless romantic (and deport me).  In truth, my favorite films are Pride and Predjudice and The Phantom of the Opera. In addition, I DO NOT like Triple J music (rock, folk or 'alternative' music). I have to stop pretending that i listen to it. Doesn't matter how much I push myself to love it, I just don't. My favorite genre of music is classical or latin soul. Thats what does it for me. so THERE. I've said it. I've published it. Now there can be no more pretending. 

The minute we accept we can't fake being the 'cool' alternative person (a la Penny Lane in Almost Famous), we become our own breed of alternative. And perhaps, even just maybe, that is just a little cool and interesting? 

If you can relate and have any similar non-truths, please write a comment to make me feel a little less like a putz


  1. sometimes i pretend i have an formal appointment that morning, just so i have an excuse to get dressed up!

  2. it's what makes us unique that gives us comfort at the end of the day. when everything starts to fall to pieces, we find comfort in this notion.
    we were born human and not as sheep and other animals. we have rights and we have the right to be who we want to be. people love you more when you are you and not them. if not, to hell with them.

  3. It's the truth of reality that we try to be who society wants us to be. What we love, do and say is governed by the notion of 'cool'. I believe, that only through being myself in recent times that I have made TRUE friends and found people who love me for exactly who I am and I know wouldn't want me to be any other way.

  4. I love this post... so true!! Here are some of my confessions... I love Dolly Parton music, my favourite movies are old musicals (singing in the rain, my fair lady) and I play those card games (spider solitaire, free cell) on the computer (ok maybe I shouldn't be admitting to this last one?) xxx

  5. i dont think im cool if i try to be. but i dont think im cool if i dont try. little help here?

  6. you just get more fabulous every day, and i haven't seen pulp fiction. Just not interested.
    <3 carlien
    ps.. you're making me that pudding