Burgundy Bike

(Via Park & Cube)

This bike is my motivation for everything in life at present. And i have decided.

She is a girl. Normally my modes of transport are males. My car is called Leo. But this bike? no. She is too beautiful (Elle est trop belle).

Just think...

Burgundy bike will not talk back or complain about your driving. In fact, she loves getting lost in unfamiliar places. Burgundy bike always takes you where you want to go... not to the football. She carries your load. Burgundy bike knows the importance of looking her best. Who needs a partner when you have a burgundy bike to keep you warm at night.


  1. I feel burgundy bike would be pretty crap at keeping me warm at night corlette. It's all cold and metal. I feel I do need a partner for that....
    I dare you to buy burgundy bike

  2. why not but a waterbottle? at least it wont snore?

  3. A waterbottle can't be my big spoon. Why don't you buy a man for the night? At least it will cook you breakfast for a small charge.