The concept of Relativity

This is a concept we're all familiar with. 

No one is perfect. No one. Not one person. Not Angelina nor Ghandi or even Oprah is perfect!  But why is this? Its because; 

Perfection is based on perception. 

I'll provide an example:
"A struggling actress (lets call her Julia) was auditioning for a role in a film. In her resume, listed under 'Talents', Julia had written that she was impressively bad at singing. After hearing her truly awful singing voice, the panel of directors decided to cast her alongside Richard Geer in the romantic comedy, Pretty Woman. It was her skillfully bad singing that scored her the role, and led to the scene with her singing 'Kiss' (by Prince) in the bathtub. Julia Roberts went  on to be one of the most famous actresses of her time."

What one person sees as out-going, another may see as obnoxious.
What someone sees as romantic, another might see as obsessive with serial killer tendencies. You may think a girl is pretty, someone else may see her as plain.

Other examples:
  • Open-minded ---------- Slow learner
  • Intellectual--------------Know-it-all
  • Diligent -----------------Uptight 
  • Witty --------------------Rude
  • Quaint ------------------ Small & Run down
  • Pleasant-----------------Average 
People will either choose to see the best in you, or the worst. Its all based on the individuals perception of you. Deal with it. You cant change it. 

The message i'm trying to get across is; Even though one person dislikes a characteristic or quality you possess, It doesn't mean you should alter it. In fact, just like Julia Roberts, this so-called 'imperfection', may be your greatest calling card.  

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