By some strange default, placing photographs of beautiful people and objects gives me a sense of calmness rather than jealousy, or hatred, or loathing, or anxiety. Without one, the wall in my room is naked and fleshy in the unforgiving morning light *. I've always found it so interesting seeing other peoples inspiration walls. This part of a persons room is so personal and may even tell you a bit about their style, interests and perhaps ** insecurities?

*(but not in the 'Im-a-Lucian-Freud-artwork-which-means-Im-brilliance' type of way). 
** Or perhaps not. 


  1. Ill send you some photos of my walls at home? xx

  2. love the inspiration wall... i settled for a book as im not allowed to 'deface' my walls....
    one day when i move out i hope my house can be one huge inspiration

  3. knowing you, im sure it will be. We'll come photograph it?

  4. One of those images is my room :)